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AcroFire Entertainment specializes in spectacular partner acrobatics, acro yoga, and partner balance combined with fire!  



Lukas invented this fire prop and is the only performance artist in the world to perform with it.  It is a truly magic spectacle with a gravity defying feel to it, and the most fire of any of our props!  This sword is going to leave your guests truly stunned and amazed!


Contact Staff is the art of spinning a large weighted baton, with flames on the ends, using the entire body.  Unlike a traditional fire staff, this tool is meant to defy logic as it rolls around the user's body as if it is  seamlessly incorporated into their every movement.



The dragon staff is able to create incredibly intricate patterns of fire. A Dragonstaff is similar to a contact staff in that it rolls over a performer's body and isn't held, but requires a different set of skills to manipulate because of the larger ends and the extra momentum generated by the rotation or rolling of the staff.  This tool creates beautiful rings of fire ans it rolls!


Double staves are shorter fire staffs, similar to batons but slightly larger. These are characteristic of faster spinning, upbeat tempos, and intricate staff manipulation.   Able to create complex geometry, these staffs utilize incredible ambidexterity to wield.



Fire fans are reminiscent of large performance fans common in belly dance performances, but these ones have their ends completely engulfed in flames.  These tools are commonly utilized slowly and dramatically as they are visually impressive on their own, but our artists take it to the next lever combining intricate spins and dance to this beautiful art!



Fire Fingers are utilized when we want to have a similar effect as our fire fans while maintaining finger dexterity.  Utilized for intricate dance, hand to hand, and fire eating, fire fingers are a diverse performance tool.



Fire eating, at its basic core, is the act of putting a flaming object into the mouth and extinguishing it. Intricacy gets introduced when you start including Vapor Tricks, Transfers, Extinguishes, and many other effects. Fire eating is an ancient and dangerous art form, but when performed by our professional artists,  it is truly amazing to watch!



Weutilize a non toxic special effects powder to create magnificent fireballs which can be used to accentuate our performance, as a highlight for our finale, or as a background effect for filming and movies.  Leaving no smoke,  and no smell, this is a perfectly safe replacement for fire breathing with a similar effect, and can even be done during indoor performances!


Simply a fire wick used to produce effects such as "Tracers" and other beautiful accompaniments to dance. Also utilized to help create our fire ball effects.  Although a small flame and a simple prop, when combined with our dancers this tool becomes a magical flickering focal point to accentuate  every move. 



This is one of the first things people think of when they hear fire spinning.  Giant balls of fire swinging on the ends of chains.  Poi is oneof the most technical and beautiful performance tools when it comes to fire.  Utilizing incredible ambidexterity, these tools are able to draw complex geometry and  beautiful patterns in the air.  Combined with dance and acrobatics, there is nothing more impressive!