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We take fire safety very seriously here at AcroFire. For each of our performances we provide a 1:2 ratio of Fire Safety personnel to lit performer. Each Fire Safety is experienced, well educated, and familiar with fire safety procedures involved with our performances. 


Vancouver's best fire performers:

- $5 million Liability insurance for indoor and outdoor fire performance

- Highest safety standards in the industry


Q: Are You Insured?

A: Yes, we have $5 million liability insurance


Q: Can you perform inside?

A: Yes, our insurance covers both indoor and outdoor fire performance


Q: Will your performance set off sprinklers?

A: No, due to the amount of heat required to set of sprinklers, it is impossible for us to set off the sprinkler system in a building.


Q: Is your performance smoky?

A: We use the cleanest cooking grade fuel possible for our performances, so there is minimal smoke and only a mild odor depending on the ventilation of the venue.


Q: What happens if something goes wrong?

A: We bring trained fire safety personnel, fire blankets, and our own fire extinguishers to every event.  We have strict safety protocols which would be put into action to immediately resolve the situation.


STAGE Example

These are questions you should ask yourself as a venue manager or client of ours. 


- Is there an adequate amount of performance space required to accomodate performers and safety zones?

*This space may vary depending on the number of performers, and addition of live music.

- Is there a minimum additional 2m safety zone between performance area and the audience?

- Is there a clear offstage area of  approximately 5m2 for our dipping and safety station?

- Is the performance floor clean and clear of all obstructions?

- Is there an adequate ceiling height?

If you answered no to any of these questions we may have to refuse your booking request. 

*Ceiling height is a huge factor in the safety of our performances, please ensure that there is enough room for proper ventilation, clearance (including the height of the flames) and no hanging obstructions.


These are all preliminary questions, we at AcroFire will fill out an extensive checklist of safety rules and protocols in order to ensure the proper safety and enjoyment of our shows before any booking. 


We will bring all of our own fire safety gear including our fire safety personnel, fire safety blankets, fire extinguisher(s), safety cones, and dip kit. 

We need 15 minutes directly before the performance to set up for our performance onstage to ensure the safety of our show and to prepare all our tools.

We have our own insurance for indoor and outdoor fire performance. 

Our performance is always best with a loud cheering audience!

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